Property Pest Inspections

Property inspections are essential in the early detection of pests

Pests often live in or around your property undetected, until after they do serious damage.

If you’re purchasing any kind of property in Australia, it’s very important to know the condition of that property beforehand.

A comprehensive property inspection is a visual appraisal of the condition of a property identifying existing defects or areas of concern.

At Ausguard Pest Control we take pride in working with our residential customers to satisfy all of their pest and safety concerns. We commit to providing genuine, professional and rapid service to leave your home pest-free. Early pest inspections, treatment and constant maintenance of pest infestations can prevent more costly control and extermination in the future. Talk to one of our pest experts who can advise you on preventions for you and your family.

Ausguard Pest Control is a trusted and proven expert in property inspections. For a free quote on a property inspection, please contact us. You can also call our team by phone on +61 1800 6673 78

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