Your privacy is important to us and the information below advises you of the way we use the information that is provided on our website.


Unless you choose to fill out the “Contact Us” form and provide your name, email address, phone, address, and state or you sign up to our “Newsletter” and provide your email address, we do not collect any other personally identifiable information about you. We may, however, collect non-personally identifiable information such as browser type, operating system, domain name, etc.


We use non-personally identifiable information to analyse site usage and improve services, such as information on the pages visited, click-throughs, etc. We use personally identifiable information to contact you and respond to your enquiry and/or send our regular Newsletter once signed up. Any information provided will be shared within Ausguard Pest Control. We will not contact you about other matters unless requested. We will not share, sell, or rent your personally identifiable information outside Ausguard Pest Control. It is possible, although unlikely, that Ausguard Pest Control may be required to disclose personally identifiable information in relation to a legal matter or when we believe the law requires it e.g. law enforcement agency request, subpoena, court order response, etc. Ausguard Pest Control cannot guarantee that any personally identifiable information provided over the web may not be collected in transit by others including but not limited to contractors providing services to Ausguard Pest Control.


Ausguard Pest Control implements security measures to avoid unauthorised access to client information collected on the web, however, we cannot guarantee the security of personal information.


Ausguard Pest Control reserve the right to revise and amend all or part of this policy at any given time.