Pest Control Frenchs Forest

Trusted Pest Control in Frenchs Forest

We’ve all experienced unwanted pests in or around our home, and it can be more than just a little irritating. The fact is, no matter how harmless some pests may seem, most of them carry disease and cause significant damage to your home. We’re quite lucky in Frenchs Forest to have a nice climate, however with that warm weather comes an increased risk of pests invading your home.

Whether it’s rodents carrying disease and chewing through electrical wires, bedbugs attacking in your sleep, or termites causing structural damage to your home, no pests should be left untreated. So, if you want a complete pest control service in Frenchs Forest, the team at Ausguard is here to help.

The Trouble With Pests In The Home

Some people wonder if professional pest control services in Frenchs Forest are really required. You might have a higher number of wasps than usual and chalk it up to the warm weather. Perhaps you’ve got ants and just want to get rid of them with a product from the hardware store. A few mice running around in summer might not bother you if you can just use traps.

However, the problem with pests isn’t necessarily in the damage you can see. For example, rats and mice may leave some droppings that you can clean up easily. What you don’t see is the nests they build in your walls and the electrical wires they damage. White ants (or termites) may look harmless enough, but they’re feeding on the timber in your home, compromising the structural integrity of your house.

Household pests can also carry diseases that are harmful to humans. You may not see it, but the bacteria carried by many insects and other pests can be dangerous for our health. So, to keep your family and home safe, professional pest control services are essential.

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