Ausguard Pest Control uses a thermal imager at all inspections with no extra charge.

Detecting Pests with Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is an increasingly popular solution for locating pests in walls and other hidden places. From rodents to insects to termites, many homeowners and business owners are using thermal solutions to quickly locate nests and avoid spreading chemicals like insecticides around homes. However, successfully finding pests requires understanding a few key things about thermal imaging.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Many people think thermal imaging involves seeing through walls – it’s not. Instead, thermal cameras detect temperature differences on the surface of a wall that is caused by something on the other side. For example, a thermal camera won’t pick up a rodent moving through a wall but can detect a termite cluster that has been generating heat for a long period of time and caused the outer wall to warm up.

Looking for Patterns

If a large heat source like a nest isn’t obvious, sensitive thermal cameras may be able to detect abnormal heat patterns, moisture, and other signs of damage that indicate pests are nearby, like missing insulation or holes in walls that indicate an entry point. Understanding what patterns to look for requires training and practice, as it’s easy to incorrectly interpret an image.

Here are some indicators to look for when trying to locate the following common intruders: